Testimonals from VVA students

Christine Turra - “Having taken vocal coaching from Head Teacher Annika Tregonning for three years now, I can safely say it has helped shaped my career path, that is currently leading me to return to study in Los Angeles for a second time. Not only is Annika a brilliant vocalist and teacher herself, but she offers a support and guidance that brings out the best from all of her students, encouraging them to all be the best they can and spread their wings to take them wherever they must go. Without Annika or VVA, I know I wouldn’t be where I am now, and for that I am eternally grateful!”

Yuko Onishi - I’ve been taking singing lessons from Ian at Victorian Vocal Academy for about 6 months now. Ian is such a professional, well-informed and passionate teacher, and he’s expanded my view of singing and vocalization significantly. It’s amazing he can tell straightaway what I’m physically doing in every sound I make and can teach exactly what I need to do to improve it. I’m happy to see how much improvement has been made in the strength and range of my voice in the past 6 months, and am grateful for being able to learn from him. While highly professional, his lessons are comfortable and fun. Excellent school and teachers! :)

Anubhav Dhingra - The Victorian Academy of Singing’s teachers and vocal coaches are professional musicians/singers who live and breath singing in their own right. I have had the pleasure of being coached by Ian. Starting of as a complete novice in the classical music world. As a incredible pianist coupled with his patient demeanor and a solid understanding music theory meant that I am now able to tackle classical pieces with more ease than when I started. I continue to improve my voice with the correct technique and consequently I am becoming a better singer - albeit an amateur.

Luna Ruggiero - “Annika is and always will be one of the best vocal coaches in Melbourne! I went through about 10 other coaches before I could find someone that could help with many of my issues - straining on high notes, no breath control, low stamina during singing, pitchy and many more. All these problems were eliminated with consistent training. I’m never afraid to make a mistake in the room because I’m always met with support, guidance and love to fix my bad habits. My voice has absolutely transformed because of The Victorian Vocal Academy. I have toured the world in huge bands singing in front of thousands in the audience, released singles and my own EP before I was even 23. All wouldn’t have been possible without Annika’s world class training.The lessons are fun, we go through scales, my range, warm ups for specific songs I want to tackle and techniques to master any song I want even if I think it’s way too hard for me. I clock them time and time again. Many of the other students have been on The Voice, academy productions and performing in theatre. The other teachers Dimi and Ian are fantastic with decades of experience and exceptional voices themselves. Thank you for also being a life coach as well as a vocal coach, coming to my shows and showing me unconditional support in every way! Would highly recommend this school.”

Nick Xiao - “Annika is the most amazing teacher one could ever hope for. Within a year and half training with her, my voice has developed remarkably. Every lesson has been full of joy and excitement. Annika has not only helped me to find my own unique voice with the most natural techniques, she has also invigorated my passion of persuing a dream in music, which I had always felt unconfident of. I hope more singers would enjoy the benefit of working with Annika as I and many other VVA students have.”

Mark Young - An 18 month experience working with Ian who’s tuition, patience and knowledge to help me find and develop my own voice has been remarkable . Thank you

Skye Isabella - "Meeting and working with you has had a profound affect on me and a journey I hold dear to my heart. Thank you for your ongoing support, encouragement, fantastic knowledge and humor as I pursue my singing passion."

Adelaide Greenaway - ”I highly recommend the VVA, Annika you have freed my voice and my confidence! Thank-you for your mentorship and vocal guidance, under your guidance and tutelage my classical technique is stable and ready, my voice is free and I love to feel the joy to sing and be heard! I love my lessons and always look forward to learning more!!”

Stephen Loftus - Hassle free, stressless environment with a focus on what the student wants to achieve. Dr Ian Andrew provides high quality training that has helped me to transform my voice immensely.

Nerida Hannah - "My lessons with Annika were absolutely fantastic!  The environment she creates is very comfortable, perfect when wanting to learn. Her way of teaching is positive, encouraging and ever entertaining as well as tonnes of fun. She impresses as a knowledgeable and creative teacher. I have loved being able to advance in my technique and learn from her."  

Stephanie Kuczer - "I have been learning with Annika for over 12 months now, and every lesson has been a complete delight. Annika is a wonderfully supportive teacher, and she enjoys your success just as much as you do! I would recommend her for anyone who is interested in learning to sing. Whether you're new to singing, you're seeking a singing career, or you're looking for a place to indulge your passion." 

Rafaela Cleeve Gerkens - "I have loved my experience having lessons with Annika. She is a wonderful teacher who is extremely knowledgeable, skilled and encouraging. She has helped me so much with my placement and breathing and is always kind and patient.  I would highly recommend the Annika to those hoping to improve their singing in a positive and enjoyable environment." 

Angela Tarantini - Annika is an amazing vocal coach! I am, and always will be, an amateur who takes voicing lessons for fun, as a hobby and as therapy (because music and singing are therapeutic!). Nevertheless Annika has coached me as she coaches her most talented students who are professional singers and/or who have gone on to star in professional productions, or who have been accepted into prestigious academies. She has coached me with patience, dedication, passion, and love. I have improved greatly since I started studying with her... And her lessons are engaging and fun!! I am Italian, and back in Italy I studied with really good vocal coaches, as you can imagine (given the century-old tradition of singing we have), but Annika has got a little extra something special, both as a vocal coach, and as a human being. I cannot recommend her highly enough.

Emily Browne - "Thank you Annika, I really feel like I'm getting somewhere with my voice. I know I've got a lot to go but someone is extracting it out of me finally!!...so thank you!"

Dominique Godfrey - "Annika, I can't begin to tell you what a gift you've given me in teaching me to sing.  Thank you so much for your patience and your generosity."