Singing Technique

At the Victorian Vocal Academy we teach vocal technique for classical/opera, musical theatre, jazz and contemporary vocal styles such as jazz, rock, pop, belt and more. 

The voice is an incredible living instrument capable of producing many varied and wonderful sounds with endless tones and colours. Good vocal technique builds a deep personal understanding of your instrument and develops it in a healthy way so that you can perform your art with confidence and joy. 

At the Victorian Vocal Academy all our teachers are highly trained in vocal pedagogy (vocal pedagogy is the study of the art and science of vocal instruction) and we look forward to supporting artists in their technical development. 


Vocal artistry is a mixture of many things. Musicality, understanding genre, musical history, phrasing, composers, learning how to get inside a song or character, how to respond to other performers, stage craft and how to act. A great part of artistry is discovering ones own unique voice, nurturing and developing it. At the academy we love working with our students to help build them into confident artists. 

what we teach

  • Breathing and support

  • Warm up and cool down for the voice

  • Posture alignment and physical release

  • Phonation, articulation and the speaking voice

  • Resonance and tone production including belt

  • Extending your vocal range

  • Vocal and respitory anatomy and physiology

  • Vocal registers and how to negotiate passaggio/break/bridge

  • Dynamic control and phrasing

  • General musicianship

  • Aural awareness and sightsinging

  • Repertoire selection and development

  • Song interpretation and delivery

  • Acting and stage craft

  • Song and character interpretation

  • Career and industry mentorship

  • Microphone technique

  • Voice health and how to care for the voice

  • Performance psychology and self care